Our Story

Shaun & Karen Burke are Bravura Finishes. Our company was established in 1989 in Portland, Oregon and are committed to providing superior decorative finishes and exceptional customer service.

Shaun began his career in the early 80's in London. His work took him to many upscale neighborhoods in; Knightsbridge, Surrey & Central London to name a few. His early training in the trades gave him an extraordinary foundation to produce the high-quality and variety of finishes he achieves today. He continues to educate himself with many of the best decorative painters in the country. In addition, being members of IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League) keeps him current on the lastest trends, materials and sought-after effects.

Karen grew up surrounded by creativity and business. Her first job was stuffing envelopes for art openings at her father's art gallery at age 5. The exposure to the arts and continuous involvement in the family business shaped her career. She earned her degree in graphic design at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Ca. Today, Karen maintains her graphic design business while playing a vital business role in Bravura Finishes. About six years ago she began designing and handcrafting handbags. After her work was featured in Victoria Magazine & Country Living, there's no time to look back. "I wear many hats and make many bags". Don't forget to visit our Shop! There's also etsy! www.bravura.etsy.com

We invite you to our showroom/studio to view our extensive collection of finishes, handbags and whatever else that might tickel your fancy. By appointment only.

Cheers! Shaun & Karen Burke